Brooke Doucett

Meet Brooke Doucett, a devoted and meticulous professional deeply passionate about the world of real estate. Currently calling Bradenton, FL, home. Brooke's roots trace back to Washington state, though her last four years were spent immersed in the vibrant real estate scene of Phoenix, AZ. The magnetic pull of Florida's stunning beaches and captivating Gulf sunsets ultimately led her to find her perfect haven in the Sunshine State.

 Fueled by a robust work ethic and an unyielding commitment to excellence, Brooke is on a constant mission to deliver outstanding outcomes for her clients. At the core of her approach are values centered on prioritizing family, cultivating honesty, and extending kindness to all—a solid bedrock for her professional journey.


 Brooke brings to the table a wealth of local knowledge, a far-reaching network, and exceptional communication, all of which prove to be invaluable assets in her real estate endeavors. Known for her forthrightness, tenacity, and warm personality, she effortlessly establishes an environment of trust and assurance for her clientele. Each day, Brooke is propelled by the opportunity to forge robust connections and guide her clients towards the realization of their unique real estate aspirations.